Checkmate : I am not a Victim

January 22, 2019


Often times we find ourselves constantly separating from others; without coming to a realization that the negativity we can't give rid of is within ourselves. 


Have you ever deleted someone from your social media account because they're constantly posting something you disapproved? 


Maybe you've distanced yourself from some of your family members and friends because you thought they were toxic? 


My personal favorite is the public announcement of not being friends or dissociating yourself with someone,only to hurt them the same way they damaged you. 


No one is perfect! I don't think many of us understand that, so we hold others to an unrealistic expectation of what they're suppose to be. Depending upon the problem, every person in our lives don't deserve the silent treatment or petty subliminal remarks.


Now there are some circumstances where some people should be loved from a distanced. However, if  you're constantly treating others like their disposable, then you're in need of some self-reflecting.




Let's say that there are negative and toxic people around you. At some point, when negativity keeps surrounding you, you have to think "maybe I'm the problem" which is a harsh truth I had to embrace. 


I like to blame my zodiac sign (Libra) about why I'm so anti-social and guarded, but that would be stretching the truth. I constantly question others intentions and I'm often judgmental.Based on these characteristics of myself, I was unforgiving and started to omit people out my life without any explanation.


In society, we call it no-nonsense, I call it depression, and unwillingness to let go.


Our ego will tell us that we are the victims,instead of acknowledging everyone is a work in progress including yourself who has toxic ways.









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