Investing in Yourself

January 13, 2019



Why do we invest in others dreams and goals before our own? What's holding us back from investing in ourselves the same way we invest in our children, parents and friends?


When it comes to investing in ourselves, we can procrastinate and become content with living in mediocrity------  we're constantly complaining about whats not happening in our life, and not taking control over the things we can change. 


Trust me! I talk myself out of my dreams all the time, because I know the sacrifices that are attached to my desires. For me, I have to financially take some risks to be happy in my career, and I can admit, I'm not ready!


However, I constantly remind myself that investing in myself may not give instant gratification, but long-term it does more good than fear ever could.


Selfish vs Selfless


Most of us are willing to make sacrifices to maintain others happiness instead of our own. We're so concerned with appearing selfish, that we become selfless------ valuing others needs before our own. 


How many relationships have we've been in where the other person benefited? How many jobs have you overworked and not dedicated time to pursue your dreams? 


When I first moved into an apartment, I was so concerned about appearing independent to others at an early age, that I was investing in our landlords dreams before my own.


Sacrificing for long-term happiness 


Before Darius and I decided to become homeowners, we made financial sacrifices that often tampered with our egos.  We lived with his grandmother  to save for our down payment for our house. Prior to that, when I quit my job at City Arts, although I was happy, my bank account was in the negative after bills were payed.


Did I like the changes in the moment? No, but i knew that home-ownership was a  long-term investment and renting was just a temporary way to prove that we were financially independent.  


Side note: Renting for some people makes since, for us it didn't we were paying too much for a 1 bedroom apartment.


In other words, Netflix and playing board games was not an option!


Nevertheless, While some sacrifices require financial adjustments, others may require emotional changes. Emotionally, I had to learn how to stop allowing others actions and words to dictate how I felt about myself, and that became my biggest investment!


What steps have you taken to invest in yourself?

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