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January 3, 2019



Happy NEW YEAR!!! i know it has been about 8 months, but I promise i have a good excuse!


I've been on a writing hiatus due to career and personal life events. However I'm back writing more of my lengthy blog posts to inspire and confirm the need for self acceptance, progression, faith and creativity.


Now, why I've been absent?


Recently, my fiance and I purchased our first home in June, which is why I haven't been consistently writing. The project manager and contractors just completed our home on Dec. 28th. Yay, finally! Although, the process was an emotional roller coaster and required a lot financial sacrifices, it was well worth it.


I urge everyone to find someone way to invest in yourself. (Whether buying a home, starting a business...)


However, recently I realized I was missing the one thing that brings me peace and separates me from chaos. I acknowledge that I wasn't balancing my time to the best of my ability; less time focused on my creating writings and more time focused on the problems at my job. 


I had to remember  to invest in myself the same way I invest in other people.


I know every New Year we create a lists of resolutions, goals, and vision boards to show that we're dedicated to our desires.


For me, it doesn't take a new year to make a change in my life, so I have about three journals that I write my thoughts, goals, and poetry. That way i can cross things off my lists as I accomplish them and it gives me the ability to see and visualize the things i wrote down daily; so it doesn't become a unfulfilled dream.


What's Next? 


Each year I give myself a word I want to model. This year is Gratefulness, I have complained about every job, every place I lived, and friendship, but I didn't appreciate the experience and life lessons, whether good or bad. I was so concerned about what wasn't happening, that I deprived myself of moving forward.


I'm also in the process of collaborating with other writers and artists to share their inspirational stories on Richgurl Poorgurl. 


What's Next for you in 2019?




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