The Giraffes and Turtles Perspective

June 21, 2018


Your position in life will be threatened if you allow the beliefs and opinions of other people to diminish your perspective.


In life, we are faced with a brick wall of negativity when we share our dreams and goals with a close friend or family member who is cynical about our capacity to achieve success.


When working on a new goal, it is crucial to avoid negative people around you as it enables you to embrace positive connections and stay focused on the target.


Irrespective of the sincerity in the feedback, our most significant rejection often comes from individuals whom we trust their judgments and their opinions are mostly founded on the errors we have made in the past due to lack of inconsistency and tutelage.




It is important to note the relevance of this quote which states that “we eat on the level of our vision.”


In his observation, famous author and pastor, Bishop T.D Jakes analyzed the people’s perspectives about your goals and compared it to the case of a turtle and a giraffe. He said that it is the natural characteristic of the turtle to view life from their ground level.


He also said that the giraffe view the world from a higher perspective and both of them are not compelled to see things from the same point of view as they are not on the same level.




Most often, we attempt to recite scriptures and quotes about faith that we have been taught in our childhood days, but we find it hard to live by them when we are faced with challenges.

Living a brave life, in my opinion, is the process of accepting yourself for whom you are, your wrong and ethical choices, and your thoughts.


A crucial aspect is that there is no perfect way of living life as you gain experience with every step taken by you. However, if the perspective of the other person is right does not imply you have failed in your life endeavors. 


Most often, being brave is faced with stiff opposition and adverse reactions, but it is entirely based on perspective and the current position of people in their life journey.


For instance, if you are having a conversation with an individual who is not a risk-taker, you should remember that the person’s responsibility is not to motivate you and puff your self-esteem.


Sometimes, I offer my candid feedback about the decisions of my family and friends due to the choices they have made in the past.


My realism often dwarfs my support for them. Acting as a realist to some extent can earn you the tag “negative-minded fellow.”


Nevertheless, the beauty of life is that despite our contrary perspectives, the main thing that makes it works for us in the uniqueness of our journeys.












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