Why are all the Black Kids sitting together in the cafeteria?

June 12, 2018




This is a controversial question that can spark heated arguments when topics on race relationships are discussed. 


A renowned author, Beverly Tatum opined that this viewpoint can cause us to a pathway of assumptions considered to be dangerous to our existence. 


I have consistently questioned the motive behind my relationship with various racial groups, and how I feel comfortable creating relationships with individuals who are members of my race.


I discovered that the reason could be traced to these factors namely; the church environment, community, and the schools I attended as a child.


Even though I am interested in creating a friendship with anybody irrespective of sexuality, gender, and race of the person; I noticed that it is complicated to develop close ties with an individual who does not understand or support the ostracized race.


I can remember attending public, private, and charter schools where most of the students were black. Attending these schools is one of the safest means to maintain close relationships with persons who have interactive experiences like residing in neighborhoods reserved for low-income people and schools that lack the necessary amenities, etc.


However, my lack of experience and life experiences played a crucial part in the way I see the world on matters that have to do with relationships between races. I have a firm belief that if all of us can realize the threat posed by racism, we can come up with more feasible solutions and the world will be devoid of common problems.


In her work, Tatum offered the readers with the educating of racists and racist acts that have been in place as a result of the wrong pictures displayed through textbooks and the media channels.


I could remember listening to a heated conversation in a group of 4-year-olds in my class about being light skin and white. I was surprised because these girls are brown skinned girls, but they stated that they are white.


They believed that being white is equated with being beautiful and confident.




I was shocked to hear this because these kids had a distorted perception about life at a tender age. It could be that these young children were listening to inappropriate remarks about skin color in their houses and had formed their opinion around these harmful misconceptions.


In another instance, Tatum explained how one of her college students witnessed a preschool lesson where the topic of Native Americans was discussed.


According to the student who saw the class session, she said the students were using different materials to explain the Native Americans history. Surprisingly, these students made use of feathers to present these natives as savages.


She opined that various observations like these often make kids to develop biased opinions according to the false information presented to them by the time they attain the age of three, which inadvertently creates a string of ignorant-infested sentiments.


"Why are all the black kids sitting together in the cafeteria?" is focused on being responsible for each person’s bigoted view of individuals and not trying to place the blame on other people.


What are some fallacies you have been taught in the past? How have those mistaken beliefs shaped your opinion about race?

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