The Art of F**k-Ups

March 18, 2018

Hi! My name is Chelsetia Davis and I'm a natural born fuck up!


I'm not referring to myself in a negative way, I truly state this with solidarity and with an attempt to expose my imperfections and how they make me unique. 


I'm not always a great listener, I know I can be argumentative, I'm not a great communicator, especially when I'm frustrated....blah blah blah! It's something I'm trying to improve, but not stress about.


Why are fuck-ups important?


Fuck ups are a natural part of life, that teaches us more about ourselves and the reasons why we exhibit certain behavioral patterns. Therefore, without fuck ups, there's nothing to learn or grow from.


Although its sounds like a harsh reality, and we certainly don't dance with excitement when challenges are presented to us, the constant aim to undo or redo ourselves, creates an unauthentic self. 


Listen, I was about to spend $200 on some Iyanla Vacant tickets, so she can "Fix My Life".


However, she's human, and she doesn't have all the answers and tools to fix anyone. And maybe you and I don't need to be fix. Should we evolve? Yes, but it doesn't mean changing who you are to feel complete or please others. If so, you'll never will be happy.


 And if you read her previous novels you'll know she's a natural born fuck up as well. The difference is, she knows how to take her experiences and make a profit from them as well as help others.


 I'm sure it doesn't take one session to become fixed. Acceptance, preserving, courage and commitment can take a lifetime of fuck ups in order to better manage.


Therefore, I'm learning that sometimes aiming for self-improvement can be sometimes counterproductive when you try so hard to neglect everything you don't like about yourself. Focus on what you can do, accept what you don't, and fuck up some more!


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