February 17, 2018



As a culture, we demand the basic human rights of freedom from violence, oppression, physical threat, and discrimination. Rejection is a fact of life and reality for all human beings from time to time.


Whether you were rejected as a child in school, recent job application or marriage proposal-rejection is a very real and profound emotion which affects everyone differently. But then everyone finds rejection as a bruise to his or her ego.


We all have our ego, which is not determined by age, sex or any societal status. The candid truth is that no one wants to be rejected, and to this end, we strive to maintain a good position in the opinion of people towards us.


Thus, rejection comes in many forms, A partner letting you go - A parent's neglect - A friend's lack of respect, dismissed from place of work, support or loyalty, or even, when your ideas that you have that you have slaved over them to bring them to life are presented to your fellow peers, or even your boss or the board of directors rejects your idea.


Your first reaction in most cases is to take it personally because you have lived and breathed this idea from inception to metamorphosis to the fluttering idea that it is.


 Yes, it is very hard to accept rejection without the right type of mindset. One could allow themselves to develop into a form of depression from this form of rejection and can stay with you for days, week, months - even years and as a result, they can negatively impact on your life. If one takes the same approach of how people like one another then this will lessen the mental blow that one suffers in this type of rejection.


Remember the story of Michael Jordan, as a kid, Michael was seen as the 'goofy' kid who liked basketball. He wasn't really tall. But he got determined. Michael encountered many challenges and failures, but finally, his hard work paid off. On the first day, Michael entered the league; his jump shot was evaluated as "not good enough." He then practiced hundreds of jump shots every day until they were perfect.


Feed yourself daily positive messages and аffіrmаtіоnѕ, еаt right and exercise (yes, this plays a very significant rоlе іn уоur level of self-esteem) and continue to learn and grow. Try to make every effort not to judge and blame anybody and accept total responsibility for your life and where you are right now. All of these things tie into developing a strong sense of self, heightening self-esteem and gaining the courage to see rejection as a раrt of life and not a personal attack on your character or worthiness.


Although it may not bе recognizable at first, more often than not we realize, most of the rejection we encountered was a blessing in disguise and necessary for our personal growth and success.


Rejection can paralyze you. Be determined to use rejection as a catalyst that makes think out of the box; you can fix this if you decide to do so. Making that choice is part of the battle, and your action tells rejection that its wasted days are numbered in your life. If you suffer from severe trauma, please seek professional help.

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