The Art of Pure Intentions

January 28, 2018


If we start to live life in a way that's unapologetically unique to oneself, we start to develop pure intentions. Intentions are the reasons behind our actions, words and thoughts.


Whatever you envision for your life, there is always an intent behind it.

For example; I was in a masters degree program for teaching with the intent that my salary would increase. In actuality, it  would have. However, at no point did I think about how it would benefit students and increase my instructional practices.


When your intentions are misplaced, the result is often unhappiness which can be seen from misfortune, humiliation and or  abandonment.


With the constant movements circulating media, we often miss the message because the persons intentions are questionable.


Often times our intentions can be jeopardized with the overuse of social media and protest that only last a week or two.


When we truly stand for or against something, we make that change in our personal life without it always being seen by the masses. 


Pure Intentions


- Be very clear on the message or vision you want to 


- Give up your expectations of how people are suppose to react or respond


- Do not give up or reshape your vision in order to please others


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