The true meaning of being Supportive

January 18, 2018

Is it possible to support someone who doesn't support you?


My answer is yes! 


As a society, we tend to misinterpret the true meaning of being supportive. Often times we say and do things from a disingenuous place, because we want to make other's happy and satisfied with their choices. 


If I genuinely like your product, service or what your personal brand is (everyone has a brand), I have no problem supporting it with a like, donation or purchase.


That's the true meaning of being supportive, despite my personal feelings about an individual, I truly believe there is room for everyone to thrive.


What is a supportive person? 


A supportive person could be seen through various actions,such as investing in a friend's, or family members business when its in turmoil, or through words of encouragement.


Not only does a supportive person cheer when a person accomplishes a goal,  they support them even in the midst of controversy, lost or failure. 



Just a daily thought! 

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