Books for Self-progression

January 7, 2018


Have you ever had that ugly cry, like you could barely breathe and your life was being jeopardized? Then someone walks over and instead of comforting you, they state, "Why the f*ck are you crying?". That feeling of guilt and discomfort afterwards, is exactly how I felt after reading these self-help books.


1. Fuck feelings by Bennett MD

Fuck feelings is not actually about disregarding your emotions. Dr. Bennett provides readers with practical advice to deal with each mishap in life. He thoroughly gives scenarios regarding issues with self-esteem, love, fairness, and communication. Those who are dealing with severe depression and anxiety, this is a great book that guides you through the reasons behind your feelings and how to work through them.  


2. UnFuck yourself by Gary Bishop

Unfuck yourself may be the most informal, honest and simplistic text within this list. Gary acknowledges that we all experience failures, but its how we choose to manage them. We allow our frustration with jobs, family, relationships to define us which resorts to guilt and anger. 

He also explains that we are often the "roadblock" thats stopping us from reaching our full potential. Although his tone at times can be perceived as forceful and aggressive, he gives examples of how we blame circumstances and people for our barriers but in actuality we're disregarding our true calling.


3. You are a Badass: Stop doubting your greatness by Jene Sincero

Sincero doesn't hold back her belief that you can create the life you want, despite your current reality. This book is a little similar to "Unfuck yourself," but its more detailed-oriented and research driven. The author uses real examples of people such as Henry Ford who accomplished a dream that no one believed in. 


4. The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown

I didn't fully grasp the concept of this book until 10 months later. Overtime something happened in my life that was out of my control and I began to see the difference between striving for perfection vs. striving for better. Brown asserts that when you strive for perfection, you're not living a purposeful and intentional life.


5. Peace from broken pieces by Iyanla Vazant 

How do you find peace from painful experiences? This the question I often ask myself. Iyanla gives the reader details of her treacherous past and how it led her to a life of peace. She exposes all the vile things she'd done and said and how it impacted others such as her ex-husband, children, and business relationship with Oprah. This book was difficult to get through because it was so much truth presented, that it made me uncomfortable.


An effective author can motivate an individual to set goals, just like a vision board. Self-help books is the tool that reminds us to "get your sh** together".


Honorable mentions:

The Quitter's Guide to finishing by Betsy Schow

The Power of Purpose by Peter S. Temes

What You Can Change... and What You Can't by Martin E.P. Seligman

Excess Baggage by Judith Sills, PH.D.


Next read: "Get your shit together" by Sarah Knight

*All books were purchased from amazon and arrived within two days! (AMAZON PRIME)

*What are your some books you've read so far for self-improvement?







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