Defining Success

December 31, 2017


Celebrating the New year, means creating new goals and resolutions with the intentions of a lifestyle transformation. We believe that this transformation will lead us to a life of success and  happiness. But why are we waiting for this experience, when we have this very moment to experience success.


Success is like a revolving door that we all wish to experience. For some people, success is the ability to move on from grief, finding a high paying job, mending a family or friend relationship or being a great mother or father. 


If this is true, happiness will only be obtained until we stop comparing others standards to our own and   appreciate this journey called "life". The heart-break, criticism, financial misguidance and mistreatment is ultimately what leads us to a better understanding, although it can be depressing.


I find myself in this very moment, writing out the next steps in order to feel like I've accomplished something big as if I'm in this race against time. I've often wondered, if there was no standard for success, would we still seek degrees, marriage and materialistic things? 


Nevertheless, people normally distinguish success as being synonymous with popularity. However, it is a feeling of accomplishment.


If you were to die today or tomorrow, what will people remember about you? Is it your accomplishments, or the impact you left on a persons life? I've never been to a funeral where someone said he or she was a great chef, teacher, lawyer..etc...etc. 


I was reading Forbes list for the 30 under 30, and I began to compare myself to others again. I was happy for the individuals chosen and grateful for the diversity shown, but when you see a 12 or 20 year old with accolades such as the ones listed, it can instantly make you weary.


Once I saw past my reality, I took my own advice and began to realize everyones journey is different, and I don't necessarily want the same things others have in order to be happy or successful.


Be successful 


1. Create a routine 

So my smoothie and yoga morning routine,has quickly changed into coffee, reading and taking notes, however routines are a good way to balance your work and social life. It doesn't matter whether you choose to exercise or watch the news, set your own routine that works for you.


2. Write your thoughts and aspirations

Despite the fact I'm passionate about writing, jotting down your thoughts, goals, or books you've read can be a great way to visualize your goals. Majority of the things I've written down is accomplished. My goals are rarely detailed and have no "how to" guidelines but because my intent is to complete each task regardless of backlash, my to do list becomes my have done list.


3. Commit to a goal and Just do it!

Every plan is not for everyone to know, its not being secretive or mean, its called " creating positive energy". I'm good at this! Just book that trip, write that book, live that lifestyle then tell your family and friends about it once its done. 








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