Bullying is not Dope

December 11, 2017


Bullies are often displayed as individuals whose goal is to have power and control over how one thinks and reacts. Therefore, the victim is normally seen as a defenseless or meek individual who is powerless. 


One of my former students started a campaign "Bullying is not dope" in order to highlight his experience with bullying. His initiative is to educate children and adults on how bullying can leave a lasting negative effect. 


 "Wonder" is an amazing (must-see) film about a little boy who struggles to fit-in in school because he's being judged based on his facial deformity. It also streamlined the notion that adults have difficulty with accepting ones differences, rather than children.


Children are better with dealing with acceptance because they see situations and people with an "unaltered eye," meaning they're not allowing information about someone, interpret how they view that person. 


Okay! Okay! My intention is not to give spoilers of the movie, but  the movie highlights a  few key topics that the media confronts daily: bullying, conformity, jealousy and victim-shaming.


In one scene, the parents of the bully defend his actions by victim-shaming, which is a current issue society faces with the recent sexual harassment claims. As adults, we are obligated to teach our children the art of being compassionate, despite others disabilities and or misfortunes.


I must admit I'm guilty of laughing at others mishaps, and my lame accused would normally be "I'm human". However, I began to see the contradiction of empowering others and laughing and leaving negative or insensitive comments online are not synonymous. 


Most people do not put a stop to the humiliation of others. In reality, there is small amount of heroes in this world that actually take an initiative to put a stop against bullying. Think about this statement the next time you are on social media platforms. (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)


Educating individuals on the casualties of bullying has become meaningless; it's only relevant when we create a hashtag for two weeks. 


What can we do? Unlike television shows portrayal of bullies, there's normally not a happy ending for the victim, the bully either is characterized as being "shady" or "powerful" . Everyones mental is not at the same capacity to withstand mistreatment and humiliation. Therefore, we should:


1. Practice compassion

2. Write letters to the school board

3. Call our local news stations



A bully is often insecure, most times their actions are less about the victim and more about what they lack. He or she targets the individual because it's easier than dealing with their own dissatisfaction.


 Cyber bullying  has become an epidemic due to websites such as "Shaderoom"  that are paid to talk about one's demise or short comings, however we highlight this as "shade". 


I'm amazed at how people are able to commit so much time in giving an opinion about someone's physical appearance, finances, parenting and relationship. 


Giving an opinion is not bullying, however when your intent is to cause harm whether physical or mentally, than you become a bully. An individual can have little to no knowledge of a situation and give their opinion as if they have never encountered any disfunction.


These are statements that were said regarding myself(relationship and appearance) and other individuals (victim-shaming): 

What are your thoughts regarding this campaign?


 "Try new boyfriend and hair doc —cuz she looks like a walking penis head"


"He is smiling: with other words, I don't give a 2 fucks about you or your feelings!! it's time for you baby girl that you gonna play a real game with another guy!!"


"Ok terry come out the closet now..we been knew the truth since white chicks and Friday after next"


"He's on the verge of committing suicide"


"Nobody wanna hear her singing, sounding like a dying cat!!! Now she gonna be screeching out Broadway songs.... when will it end?!?!" 


"In New York she milly rock, on everybody c*ck"

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