A Letter to my younger self...

November 24, 2017

Dear Chelsetia, 


You're at an age where you're constantly doubting yourself based on others beliefs. Naysayers have become a greater importance in your life because you'd allowed them to seep into your thoughts and change your views about yourself. Therefore, throughout your childhood and young adult life you'll continue to feel attacked based on your childhood experiences, but don't.

Stop being sensitive and assume others intentions  because it attacks your mental health and causes stress.Everything is not about you.I repeat,everything is not about you.Sometimes people actions and word towards you are a direct reflection of themselves.And you're not innocent, own your dirt!


Battle with Acceptance


Love can't be altered by anyone accept yourself!
materialistic thing and person leaves your life, the only thing you have is the ability to love. You've cried for your father when you are upset with your mother, not realizing she is one who truly love's and care for you. It's not that your father doesn't, it's because he doesn't know how and you must learn how to accept that. 


Acceptance is going to be a constant battle because you're always going against the status quo.Therefore, you'll be a little Angela Davis in the making, which could result in good and or bad situations.


Chelsetia is okay to say, "No!" Saying yes to everyone is not going to make someone like you more or less.Stop striving for perfection, because you're afraid of people seeing who you truly are and what you've been through. 


You will gain friends as well as lose some. You'll become a voice for the meek and the voiceless, which causes you to get into many debates.Overall, don't forget to love yourself, you are an asset to this world, and your capable of giving as well as receiving love. 


Although you've chosen to make decisions based off of what others wanted, you will soon realize how bitter and angry you'll become. Is it worth it?  You feel most confident and happy when you're yourself. 


Seize and appreciate every opportunity. You feel most like yourself when you're using your gift of dance and acting. You won't realize until your older that your gift of writing will be an influence to others and open doors for new opportunities. 


Don't give up on being a dreamer because it causes fear to be your reason for not accomplishing your goals.


Did you know? 


You're a fighter, currently you probably in a lot of physical fights because you feel like you need to prove a point. However, as you get older you'll realize that fighting and change is only synonymous when it's physiologically with good intention. 


Your biggest life lesson has been based around intention. Make sure the decisions you make in your career, relationships and friendships are with good intention, without always expecting something back.


If you continue to give positive energy into the world it will naturally comeback to you. You don't always have to be strategic in your thinking, let things happen naturally.


Live and Love life! And don't grow up to soon, bills are pain in my left side!





26 year old you



If you could write a letter to the younger version of yourself, what would you say? 


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