The Art of Happiness

November 9, 2017


If someone said that the key to happiness was in a book or over the highest mountain, I would take the journey to find it. I've often wondered is there a concrete definition for happiness? I believe a human true purpose in life is to find the things that brings a sense of peace and happiness to one's life. 


Have you ever woke up, but it was something that was holding you back from starting your day? That ambition and assertiveness you once had about your career, relationship and life vanishes into your pessimistic membrane.


Next, your'e left to choose between surviving or living. Although both are synonymous, one can argue that the meaning of the terms are vastly different. However, they come with disadvantages. 


Why happiness?


I was in a career that was making me over 55,000 yearly at the age of 21 and I was still unhappy and felt unaccomplished. My greatest accomplishments I recognize isn't a degree, salary or career. It was my honors I received in college, my blog and my current position as a content writer. 


There's a clear difference between perception and reality. People perceived my previous career as a sign of success, but the reality was I felt like I was failing. Again you can't paint a picture that isn't there!


Happiness became important to me when I made the decision to resign from my previous position as a teacher. I didn't just resign, I left years of investments in children, the place, the people etc...etc.


Emotionally, I was holding on by a piece of thread. Nothing seemed to make me happy regardless of how much I prayed, or invested time away from the school, I became depressed. I didn't want to eat or speak to anyone.


When people would ask about my career, I would roll my eyes and state "I'm applying to Popeyes". The sad part was, I honestly rather fry chicken!


Therefore, I realized I was too busy fighting the injustices in the education system, that I wasn't investing enough time on my purpose. The issues I was having in my previous career stemmed from the bigger issue, which was fear. 


I feared changing my career, making a lesser income and being judged. I blamed people's behavior on my reactions, and didn't take accountability for my choices. 


Now what?


Currently I'm a content writer, YAY! I get paid to write blogs and product descriptions for I also work with Argot magazine, which makes my days pretty busy but I'm grateful for this blessing. 


It's only the beginning of my journey as a creative writer.


The three C's of unhappiness


I began to realize I was too busy having a party with the three C's that contributed to my unhappiness: comparing, being controlled and conflicted. I knew once I resigned from teaching that I would hear things like: 


- You left a consistent income to follow your dreams?

- Why you leave before you find another position? 

- What about the students? 


None of the above reasons had anything to do with whats best for me, not once was my mental health a concern. If I live for anyone other than myself, I'm not living. 


 I was unhappy that I had a degree and that I was paying $300.00 in student loans for a piece of paper I wasn't using. I was unhappy that I felt like I was "unheard", which stemmed from childhood events. Therefore, I had to do the work. I call it the "Happy dance". 


1. Addressing my childhood and how it plays a role on my decision-making.

2. Investing in self other than just my career.

3. Being comfortable with the uncomfortable, taking risks, networking etc...etc.

4. Doing what I love being (Writing) It's never too late!







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