"Me Too" Campaign

October 23, 2017



 "When he touched my genitals, my skin crawled because he was dismissing my power".


"He took my innocence, so why was I so ashamed, maybe because I thought I was the problem, maybe I needed to change".


" A family member saw that she was an innocent child, with no care in the world, so he took that freedom so now she cares about the littlest things".


" She grabbed his genitals and chuckled as if it didn't happen, as if he was an object for her to manipulate ". 


These are excerpts from stories told my anonymous sources who only became vocal when they heard of the effect of the #metoo campaign.


Last week, I received a message from my colleague at Argot publications about how the #metoo hashtag has gone rival and how we should create an article about sexual harassment and assault. (Argot is a feminist magazine which displays creative works that include poetry, short stories and articles.)


I informed her that the campaign started with Duke University wanting to build an open dialogue with their community about some common issues most of their peers related too. This is an amazing way for people to share their current frustrations and receive affirmation through their peers without malicious intent because your anonymous.


However, #metoo has become viral due to the Harvey Weinstein allegations. My only wish is that we expand upon this by giving detail-oriented stories regarding other subjects such as addiction, racism 


I believe one’s story can possibly help another person feel like they are "understood" and possibly get to a place of healing.


The downside to this #metoo trend is that sexual abuse has become an important topic due to the big uproar with celebrities whom acknowledge that they too experience misconduct in Hollywood. And the media is putting emphasis on the fact that a-list actors have admitted to sexual harassment as if it anyone else’s harassment stories are insignificant. 


Actors Matt Damon and George Clooney are now seeking to help with the fight to expose Weinstein, although they claim they didn't know (Side-eye: they just saw the signs of predatory behavior).


Nonetheless, I must admit, the interview on Good Morning America was some of their best acting.


The first thing that came to mind was "aren't they 13 years too late, and should they be held accountable for not addressing the predatory behavior?"


 What are your thoughts? Link below!




However, for people who work a simple 9 to 5, accusing someone of sexual misconduct is a strenuous task because one must be able to prove the conduct exists and the victim is sometimes questioned for being promiscuous or the "abused or angry woman".


Questions/Comments regarding victims actions: 


1. Why speak up after years of abuse? 

2. She or he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. 

3. You knew who he or she was. 


Therefore, I wondered if more could be done to support those who have been molested and rape. I have discussed with other writers and journalist about possibly starting an anonymous group on social media outlets to allow people (using anonymous or made-up names) to connect and share their stories.







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