26th Birthday in New York City

October 14, 2017

New York is the City that never sleeps, as well as the city that will run you over if you're not moving quickly! However, I enjoyed my time spent. Although I've been there ten times, each experience has given me a partial "nightmare". 


Let's start with transportation! Darius purchased tickets from Megabus website, which costed 40 dollars for a full trip, cheap right! However, a man on the bus persisted on yelling and calling the passengers "pussy's" and "punks". Therefore, I immediately turned insuring Darius the man was drunk and something need to be said.


However, as the man was on the phone speaking loudly another male passenger decided to look at him suspiciously. The erratic man screamed " What the fuck is your problem, I have severe depression, ADD and bipolar disorder? I immediately snapped my neck back feeling guilty at how I judged him without knowing him. Lesson learned!


 Nevertheless, I had the opportunity of attending the Wendy Williams Show (Fun experience, don't take life too seriously). The tickets are free! 


However, my favorite aspect of the trip was visiting the "Museum of Modern Art". The fashion pieces were gorgeous and also displayed the historic paintings by Picasso. Checkout the pictures below:





















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