Letter to James Baldwin ( P.S. he died in 1987)

October 18, 2017


Dear James Baldwin, 

Imagine a world where the majority race is black, would whites then understand the rebellion, or in fact the "race card" that we have to consistently play in order to be heard? How would the image of African-Americans shift from a Caucasians perspective? What if the standard for success was based on black morals and values?


Mr. Baldwin you witness the deaths of Medgar Evers, Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. Each person was in the midst of creating change when they left this earth. Each was 
condemned in order to change the narrative of the African American male. This is the problem! The narrative is always negative the darker the skin tone. I'm living in a country that states " this is "the land of the free and the home of the brave" but the keywords freedom and brave are subjective terms to show America's physical improvement. 


Physiologically, were not free,  laws are put in place that normally differ from the support or upliftment of "low income communities".  Although low income communities are not only housing blacks, this term has been used by oppressors to label a specific group of people.


White educators are teaching black kids with their own motives and lack of understanding of their background.I've found it harder as a black educator because I had to work twice as hard to be seen as good or qualified as my peers, which occurs in an environment where the majority people is black as well. 


Its if people have rewritten the history of African-Americans, Hispanics and Native Americans as if we didn't exists or gave minimal contributions to America. My question to you Mr. Baldwin is what happens now? I acknowledge we have more entertainers who are winning Tony Awards, Grammys and Oscars but I think that proves one of your points in your text. We are used for entertainment purposes, but we become a threat when we want to seek justice or seek knowledge that is pass on to generations. As Americans we've made progressed from slavery, the civil rights movement and voting rights. Therefore, I want to believe we have people in the "higher-ups" that are not prejudiced against race, color, religion, gender but the current state of America has shown otherwise. I was never taught to show hatred towards anyone regardless of their beliefs and past dispositions with my ancestors. Therefore, I try to fight with love, peace and perseverance, but how much longer must we wait to seek equality?


According to "The Society Pages" in 2015 39 unarmed blacks were killed by the police force. It decreased in 2016, which let's us know that there was racial tension between black civilians and cops or they wouldn't have made changes in their operations. I've read your unfinished writings from the book "I am not your Negro" and I have a few questions and assertions to add. Today, being black is acceptable, meaning although I'm not labeled as a "Negro", there are certain things that are done passively to make sure that we as blacks know our place. We have people coming in our communities and schools with the phrase " we intend to make it better" but never knowing their real intentions. Kids are giving these standards for success and expected to compete with children who have more resources. Don't get me wrong, we have a lot of people who succumbed adversities including myself, but why must we "work twice as hard to show that were worthy". I'll admit sometimes our own race has a tendency to lose focus on what's important due to scarcity. 


Mr. Baldwin, I admire your desire for change and despite these challenges, you weren't bashful to our oppressors. You sought for all people to reach some common ground, but I do however believe in order for us to reach this "common agreement," both opposing views will have to accept the truth about how America was founded, built and how we may need to reconstruct laws so that we can make this country for all people.





Your reader 



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