The Art of Vintage/Thrift shopping

September 24, 2017

When I tell people I purchased a gem from a local thrift or vintage shop I'm then hit with a look of disgust or statement "' I'd never". However, even I had to learn how to appreciate the hard work and history behind vintage pieces. Nevertheless, my mission this week was to visit "Tanglewood Works" vintage shop, because it had caught my eye numerous times because of its creativity. A tub used as a flower pot, an old dresser that reminded me of one from the Titanic was then recreated into a artsy desk.It was a DIY dream!However, vintage and thrifting is one of the most draining but fun experiences because it requires patience, negotiating and knowledge of what you're purchasing.

1. Have no expectations! When you expect to find certain items in thrift stores you began to loose sight of some quality pieces. You may find that jumpsuit or high waist jeans you'd been looking for but it's a chance you may not. I purchased pieces by Ann Taylor, Ralph Lauren, Luck brand jeans, and  

2. Look for the sale of the day Sometimes thrift stores have a fifty percent off on items with certain tag colors.


3. Make sure your'e persistent by looking in racks efficiently , which means you may want to go to some racks more than once to insure you didn't leave a gem. 

4. Shop Menswear Sometimes shopping means clothes can add an edgy look to your wardrobe, be open!

5. Donate clothes to any Goodwill, Value Village,  Savers and or Salvation Army


Since 2015, Value Village has used a reward system to encourage donations. Whenever you drop off a bag of items, they give you a coupon in the form of a punch card. It takes six punches to fill the card, and once full, the punch card becomes a 30%-off coupon to use when treasure hunting for yourself.


6. Alter your clothes some items may not look 100% your style until you add or take away some details by cutting and or sewing the piece into something new.




8. Wash items I think we all know this, washing the items insure that there suitable for wearing.


My experience at the Hyattsville Arts festival on Saturday had me amazed at the appreciation for up cycling. Whether it was an old van, school bus, furniture and clothes, small business owners were able to share their creativity with others. Checkout Hyattsville Arts district when you're in need of some creative inspiration!




7. Bring your friend or in my case boyfriend sometimes having another opinion can stop you from making a costly decision. 



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