I Resigned

September 20, 2017

   Who doesn't want to tell their lackluster boss " I'm gone, followed my a paragraph of how you fucked up". However, that's not the best way of handling a resignation. Today I state the oath that "I ChelseaD am no longer an educator inside the classroom" and I couldn't be more proud of myself. Although it is something that I will miss, I wouldn't be fulfilled if I stayed. I said to myself, what is this job offering me? How is this job developing me into the person I want to become? 

When I knew it was time for me to leave

   I had a parent state " My child can't read, so you have a lot of work to do. Good luck!" Keep in mind, not only does she have a family full of educators, the parent knew that the previous teacher didn't teach. However, she was okay with that. Every battle I had was to protect and serve kids who parents didn't understand the fraudulent tendencies in education. Charter schools are a business, and I had to understand that, but do I accept it, No! I got tired of people telling we what the reality was, when I am a living testimony of what opportunities you can have despite  your background. I realized I am passionate about serving kids in low-income communities, but not serving them within a school system.

  Have you ever been in a situation were someone is trying to press their vision on you? Although it may be a great vision, it doesn't mean it's actually being implemented. In school systems there is a lack of compassion for students and teachers and the mission and vision is just a segway to get parents to believe that the school staff care. This not always true. I witnessed adults walking past a child in need among other things. My biggest lesson from my experiences as a teacher was that I can't let my emotions always lead me into every decision. And that is why I can no longer be an educator. Not only do I "care too much", I am unwilling to "play the game". 

Here some things you should think about before resigning:

1. Is this job/career helping me to reach my long-term goals?

2. How can I change my perception to create a better environment?

3. Is my reason for resigning something that preventing me to perform my duties?

What's next?

  My ultimate goal is to be a content writer for a magazine company were creative writing is most appreciated. I plan to write for a lifestyle magazine and write about the same content I do on my blog. I always wanted to have more than one career because I feel that I wouldn't be fulfilled in just one position and that was also a problem. I invested so much in to something I wasn't passionate about, that it ultimately ended up in me having a mental breakdown. That's when i said to myself "It's time to get your shit together". I always felt I was capable of doing more. My grandfather, mother, aunts and great-uncles were teachers and I commend them for that. But my experiences as a teacher whether good or bad has helped me come up with amazing book ideas to share with parents who may not know about the DC education system.




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