The Art of Feeling Unpretty

September 11, 2017


   People with ugly spirits can teach you the most about valuing yourself. Whether we want the experiences or not, they can give insight into the larger issues we face. When I say "ugly spirits", I'm referring to mean, cruel and often shallow behavior that effect others view of themselves. Often these people may not be the smartest, prettiest or most fashionable but they tend to have this attitude of that of royalty. Their confidence normally appears to overcompensate for their lack of something. However, they see something within themselves that others cannot. 

   Some of us don't do positive self talk because we may feel like we aren't worthy of positive reinforcement. Have you ever stopped yourself from worry and pity just to say "I got this," I am capable and effective in anything I do ". Through my yoga sessions I try to connect with God to discuss how thankful I am and to repent for my sins. Then I began to state what makes me happy and why I believe I'm great. Why is this important? When you have a day or days were people are giving you negative feedback, it helps to be counterproductive and transform it into positivity.

  I've always had a negative perspective on bragging because I thought it was shallow of a person to praise themselves. However, I found that I  lacked that self-talk that we all need sometimes. I'm so consumed with what I don't have and want, that I don't take the time to be grateful and bask in my greatness. I'm not saying post all your achievements on social media or tell everybody about how great you are all the time. I'm talking about digging deep, disregarding your doubts expectations and appreciating who you are and what you have now.







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