Good hair vs. Bad hair

September 3, 2017

The term nappy has been passed down for generations and has been used in a derogatory context in order to describe tightly coiled hair. Therefore, it's also seen as a rare artifact that makes people curious enough to touch it. In the African American community, we praise celebrities such as Traci Ellis Ross, Issa Rae, and Viola Davis for their curls but then condemn our peers for theirs. Why is that? I'm not stating everyone should maintain there natural curls?  However, often times we can accept others physical traits before we accept our own. Its like we've been programmed to practice self-hate. Media has become such a powerful tool because it can change our perception of who you are or who you should be.


As I scrolled through Instagram, I noticed the fascination with women and men who have soft and full curls. I would see tutorials on how to complete a "twist out," "wash and go" and "perm rods" seeking assistance to manage my 4c hair. However, it didn't help me, instead I started to compare my hair texture to others who are glorified for having "good hair". What does it mean to have good hair? As a African-american child, I was told my hair was nappy as my mother combed my hair rigorously from the roots to my split ends. I believe the term "nappy" is a generational curse in the black community because it teaches black girls that their hair is not good enough. Therefore, we do all these unnatural things to fix it. Meanwhile,we are unaware that it teaches the beginning stages of self hate.


Here are some products and suggestions for tight curled hair:

  1.OGX Coconut water Wash with conditioner to replenish moisture on dry hair once a week. Shampoo every three weeks so it can lavish your curls for a soft finished while also maintaining frizz. 

Checkout (Buy one get the other for 50% off)


   2.Grace eleyae satin cap This cap keeps your hair moisturized without having to buy a satin pillowcase.It can be worn day or night because it's not a bonnet. (Labor day sale but one get one free)


   3.Aliexpress clip-ins I use clip-ins to help create a fuller look. Aliexpress has various hair companies that sale kinky curly hair that can be twisted, colored and flat ironed.

4B 4C Afro Kinky Curly Clip In Human Hair Extensions Brazilian Remy Hair 100% Human Hair Natural Black Color Rosa Queen​ (


   4. ECO styler no flake gel This gel is the trick that a lot of influencers use to create a wavy wet look. It also looks great when your hair is dry, or for those lazy wash and go days.Checkout (Can be purchased at any beauty supply, Walmart, Target, K-mart...etc.)


   5. Originals by Africa's Best Tea Tree Oil I used this product for over 4 years and it leaves my hair feelings soft because it can be used as a deep conditioner or a leave in conditioner. Checkout (Can be purchase at any beauty supply, Walmart, Target, K-mart...etc.)


*Remember that less is more, try to use less than 2 products in your hair so that you don't accumulate build up.


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