Improve your Mental Health

August 13, 2017

 It took a long time to accept that I suffered from depression and anxiety and there's no pill, therapist or person that can change that but myself. I think that's why I started this blog, to empower people to be who they are and accept their struggles. Am I a confident person? Mostly, but I still struggle with depression and anxiety because there are things I haven't let go that I've allowed to consume me. If you read my earlier posts, you'd know everything I write is either a current or past struggle. I've had a therapist since the age of thirteen, which was great but ultimately I'm responsible for ensuring that I'm mentally stable.

    My anxiety, causes me to wake me up early and focus on current problems. Sometimes my emotions changes within seconds and nothing could be going wrong. In the African-American community, we sometimes overlook our family members who may have a mental illness because we are consumed with the behavior that resembles drug and alcohol or physical abuse. These actions are often more visible, than someone who has depression, anxiety issues and suicidal thoughts. However, it can definitely result in the same self-destruction. Good mental health is essential in living a happy life. Therefore, these are few things I try to do daily for mental stability. 


1. Do something that makes you happy

For me its creative writing, which goes from writing blog posts to poetry and even other individuals thesis for school. In college, I would charge a 20 to 50 dollar fee for writing a paper. I also enjoy horseback riding, if I could own a horse I would!


2. Try something new! 

decided to become a pescatarian, which forces me to try new foods. Since my trip from Jamaica I love fried plantain, bread fruit, red snapper, bulla cake and fresh coconut water. Also when I take trips, I try to do something I never done before. Next, I want to pet a sting ray, go on a bamboo raft and water skiing on my next trip.


3. Be around positivity

Surround yourself in good people who have positive thinking and goals. People with optimistic thinking develop good traits in others and enlighten the light of hope in the lives of disappointed individuals. I recently joined the DC bloggers club, which is awesome because I have the pleasure of meeting people who are trying to accomplish similar goals and may be more understanding of my struggles. However, sometimes I find myself being the "hype man" for everybody else which doesn't work for myself.


4. Manage Stress

Meditation and exercise are some effective ways to manage stress. Never think on the miseries of the life and keep yourself busy. Set small and realistic goals and put your sincere efforts to achieve them. Celebrate your achievements no matter big or small. 


5. Talk to a professional

Often times we let situations get out of hand,which causes us to become emotionally unstable. However, talking to someone who has no idea and no underlying intentions can benefit you. The truth is people just want someone to listen to them and not necessarily give them advice.


Life is precious. Never ignore your mental health if you want to enjoy the real essence and beauty of a good life.  

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