The Art of Travel: Jamaica

August 8, 2017


The flight from BWI to Montego Bay airport was approximately three hours long, which was great for me because I dispise long flights. When we landed, we immediately purchased some patties that made 7 eleven and Tropicana eatery look like "rejects". Next, we exchanged our money to Jamaican currency at the airport because where we stayed in Jamaica didn't accept US currency. However, we later found were a little foolish to exchange it at the airport because their surcharge was higher than going to a bank or cash checking place in Port Antonio. (For every 1 US dollar it is 127.70 jamaican dollars.) When we landed, I immediately ordered a strawberry daiquiri which was strong due to the intensity of the rum. What amazed me was that my boyfriend and I drinks were only 700 Jamaican dollars which is $5.48 in US currency, for only two drinks. Jamaica was good to my wallet!

Living arrangement

We stayed with my boyfriends family in Port Antonio, which is 5 hours away from Montego Bay. Port Antonio is more of a rural area that has some of the most beautiful houses that are literally on mountains. 

In Jamaica, farm animals are treated as pets but sadly, the male goals turn into goat soup, which is known as "mannish water". 


The one thing that was visible about Jamaica's culture was that most people had small businesses along the sides of the road. Most jamaicans grow or purchase their fruits and vegetables from stands such as the one below, because it provides residents with fresh food which always test better and less expensive than what is sold in stores. 

I was blessed with the chance to meet some authentic Rastafarians (Rastafarians are individuals with origins from Jamaica that developed their ideologies from political activist, Marcus Garvey. They often follow rules which includes wearing dreadlocks, maintaining a vegetarian diet and smoking marijuana as of their spirituality.) They caught my attention due to their style and their music, which sounded like a mixture between gospel, reggae and jazz. 

 Ocho Rios, Hector's River and Port Antoni


Hector's River, Portland ( Rural area in Jamaica and my boyfriend's family land below. The view was amazing!)


Food/Drinks- We didn't pay for food because we were with family but snacks costs of less than 50 US.

Alcoholic Beverages- We spent less than 120 US dollars which included bringing in 4 bottles of rum and 4 bottles of rum cream. 

Souveneir purchase- 250 US dollars

Activities-Less than 100 US dollars


*The Art of Traveling in Jamaica is being able to experience a culture that takes pride in their uniqueness in food, style and family rituals.





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