The Art of Travel: Miami (1 Star Experiences but loads of Fun)

July 16, 2017

  I live for drag queens and tutus, but I don't live for people getting coins they don't deserve. Where do I began? When you travel anywhere, customer service is one of the most important things that can make or break your trip. In celebration for my friends birthday, we went to Miami. First we caught the uber, which was a one star experience due to our nonchalant driver. The driver refused to help us with our bags and when questioned, he states " That ain't my job". My friend was generous by giving him anything more than one star because his performance was highly underwelhming. I'm not the best socialite but I believe what you say is not as important as how you say it.


Spirit Airlines

  I will admit I made a horrible mistake of choosing SPIRIT airlines for our travels, but hey it was cheap, and I live for the slogan "spending less but doing more". The customer service was horrible, staff had private conversations instead of assisting customers. Flights were delayed both ways, but my concern was with the staffs poor communication skills when relying the message that our flight was delayed three times. After, we boarded the plane, the flight attendant then shouts repeatedly " I will shut the door if you're not in line". They were more concerned about a line, rather than making sure we had a great flight due to the fact people where stuck since 11am.




Eden Roc Hotel 

Although our airline was cheap, our hotel was nice and the area was peaceful. This was our second time there and it seemed more like a family environment which concerned me. Would you take small children to Miami for summer vacations?




The Miami experience is always great! I felt like we didn't rest the first two days, but I enjoyed the experiences, checkout the photos below.



Travel fees: $60.00 (Lyft)

Food: estimated $350.00 

Drinks: estimated $300.00


Jet Ski's: $88.00

Drag Brunch: $60.00 (All you can drink)

Club Story: $30.00 plus 1 drink $50.00 (Yes, drinks are twenty dollars!)

The Art of Traveling is knowing what you can or cannot compromise for a cheap ticket. Therefore, next time I purchase a ticket on Expedia Spirit will not be considered. Trust me, I'm trying to save someone money, time and a peace of mind!

Next Trip:

Jamaica in two weeks!*




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