DIY Makeup Board

June 18, 2017



2 Steel Pizza Pans-Dollar Tree

Rust Oleum Burgundy Spray Paint- Home Depot 




Magnetic tape for makeup- Home Depot 


Wall Tape

Makeup- Various companies (MAC, Sephora, Elf and Bobbi Brown)




1. I decided to complete this project outdoors on my balcony because I didn't want the smell of spray paint to infuse my apartment. Then, I put on gloves and mask for protection, because the spray paint has harmful chemicals that can mess with anyones immune system. Also, be sure to layout your newspaper as well to prevent pans from sticking to your floor or carpet. 

2. I began to spray the back of the pans first because this the most difficult task and let it sit overnight to ensure dryness. (Please double coat). Next day I sprayed the front and let it dry for 4 to 8 hours depending on how many coats you spray. 

3. When the pans are completely dry, I used makeup that I don't use everyday and placed the magnets on the back.(You may need a hot glue gun to use on the back of the makeup so the sticky tape can stick).

4. In order for the pans to stick to the wall, use sticky wall tape to hold. Your project is complete!





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