The Art of Embracing the Unkown (My Struggle With Fear)

June 17, 2017


   I'm sure you've heard the saying "You are what you eat". Well I'll rebuttal that theory by stating "You are what you think". If we believe that we are worthy of all the good things we dream of, we allow happiness to takeover our lives. However, if we set limitations on our abilities because of our reality,  fear becomes apart of our persona. 

   Fear acts as a shield of protection from those who are afraid to make decisions that may have significant consequences. The feeling of being fearful requires doubt and a lack of faith and is often passed on to others based off our experiences. Fear can often subject us to a life of mediocrity when we prevent ourselves from living life the way we would like to.What is your first thought when someone says the following statements?

- I want to quit my government job as a visual artist. 

- I'm moving to Hollywood with my child to pursue a modeling career.

- I'm leaving my 150,000 salary job to own a bakery. 

Some realist may suggest "that money and things trump happiness". However, the question is, should happiness be negotiated for money?  No one knows when their last days may come. Therefore, it is up to you to use your time on doing the things that you love without feeling like your just surviving. Every moment counts! You never want to live in regret about what wasn't done because you let fear interfere in your decisions.

   Not all risks have positive outcomes, which is why most of us fear to demolish anything that might turn out great. When I listen to a talented singer who has been in the music industry for fifth-teen years with no major record deal, that's when fear becomes my muse. If talent was the only thing that equated success than this musician would be as big as Beyoncé right? Wrong! Embracing the unknown doesn't mean that things will work out in our favor. It is more about taking a chance  and doing what we love and not always what we have to do. I feel like my career path as an educator has helped with my personal growth, however I believe this experience is more about me giving back to students the same way some educators invested in me. 

   Sidney Poitier was an actor and Civil Rights activist during the 1960s, who became the first African-American actor to receive an Academy Award. Poitier knew that as an African-American actor in the 60's, he had a small chance of receiving any acolyte from his peers. However, that didn't stop his determination and ability to share his acting talents with the world.

Believing in the unknown is not synonymous with being lazy or unrealistic, it requires faith and perseverance. Did you know? Henry Ford wanted to build a eight cylinder engine but engineers told him "it was impossible". They had facts to support their claims but he insisted on making his dream a reality, which resulted in bankruptcy. He also managed to become the President of the United states with only a six grade education. This powerful synopsis of Ford's business venture is just one example of the benefits of being a dreamer. 

  Dreamers are often mocked and presented with every valid reason to quit, but the idea is to not quit inspite of the harsh reality you may face. (No matter how much reality drains our positive energy.) The Art of Embracing the unknown is realizing how fear plays a role in our lives. Go take that trip you always wanted to take, make the meal you wanted to try, talk to that man or woman whom your fond of. Life is about embracing the unknown as well as learn how to deal with the "roadblocks" ahead.


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