The Art of Traveling: Los Angeles, California

May 13, 2017

        As I walked down Hollywood Boulevard, I noticed the grimy faces of those who had no appreciation for me snarling over the stars. They couldn't understand why I  was so in awe of the scenery.

       For those who didn't know, I've been on a so called "spiritual journey" which means I'm living my life whole heartedly! It started with my trip to Los Angeles, traveling from Dulles airport (located in Virginia) to LAX was a six hour plane ride. This wasn't so bad due to my numerous snacks, self-help books ( By the way their not helping, however they provide some helpful next steps) and my journal to write my deepest thoughts. Since the age of eight, one of my dreams was to live in Los Angeles so I could pursue a career in film and television. Little did I know, LA's infamous Hollywood Walk of Fame was officially a walkway for prostitutes and hustlers.



    I thought DC was fast paced, but compared to Los Angeles its incomparable. I only accomplished fifty percent of what I wanted to explore. Everyone had their own hustle, from selling cd's, running their small business inside a Starbucks and working 2 to 3 jobs which seemed like most included being a lyft driver. I met a struggling actor, writer and psychic who all seemed so care-free mainly because they were living out their dreams. They weren't what society deemed successful, but they all had plans and took action to get closer to their dreams which resonated with me. Los Angeles was far from the glamorous image that was presented on television. I took a trip to an unfamiliar place for me to realized that all my anxiety and depression stemmed from me comparing my life to what I thought was better. I know I was only there for four days, but this trip helped me realized that I'm living in my purpose. Writing, poetry and teaching is my gift to the world, and I don't feel ashamed or regretful about my career decisions. 


Santa Monica Pier



   If you plan to travel to Los Angeles for four days, I think you should prepare to spend at least 2,500 dollars in order to be comfortable. I also try to maintain a little over 1,000 dollars in my savings account, just in case of emergencies and to make sure I'm not financially struggling after the trip. My helicopter ride for 15 minutes costed $160.00, which was fine for me because I planned this with Orbit air (inexpensive tour company). 

    I stayed in Koreatown, which is a district that consisted of Asian culture. They have an asian school, restaurants and shopping centers. I was so intrigued with the diversity in LA. However, I was primarily confused on why Los Angeles is on the list for fashion capital. Everyone looked similar, their was no creativity in style and some personalities needed a makeover!


My transportation was a total of $600 

Food totaled $400

Shopping totaled $150 (Mainly because this wasn't the goal of the trip)




Next stops: 

Miami (3rd time)


(Fingers Crossed) London, England

*The Art of Travel is to save money consistently throughout the year, and plan trips that fit your budget. Sometimes a plane ticket may not be feasible. 



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