The ART of living a Wholehearted life

May 1, 2017

     Donuts are delicious treats that can effect our bodies and how they function if we consume too much of it, just like negativity. If we engage in negative behaviors, language and situations daily, we ultimately become a negative person. I must admit I've become very familiar with that person. The negative person is not honest, has no compassion or patience for anyone even themself, it is the opposite of wholehearted living. Every time I plan to make a positive change in my life, their goes someone with negative thoughts and ideas who uses their own bitterness to end my happiness.

      When I think about wholehearted living, I think about being honest about where I am in life and being unapologetically me without placing any limitations on my abilities. This means I accept my flaws, as well as value my accomplishments without feeling like I owe someone an explanation. Have you ever recognized that it is easier for someone to point out what you did wrong rather than what you did right? I'm not saying be overly confident, because that also exhibits insecurities, but be secure in you beliefs and choices you made.

      I traveled to Los Angeles recently because I was in need of a spiritual retreat and a chance to do all the things I wouldn't do in  DC. I needed time to reflect on all the nonsense I've allowed to detract me from living a wholehearted life. I've been reading books such as "The Gifts of Imperfection," "Fierce Conversations and "You are a Badass..." These books helped me push my dreams in forefront and leave my doubt behind me. I went to LA for four days just to get away and site-see. I flew on an helicopter, ate lots of exotic looking food and went to a celebrity pop-up shop. It felt good to not have limitations and not regretting your time spent during the day.

     When I left Los Angeles, I wondered "how can I merge how I'm feeling right now with my responsibilities at home". Currently, I'm trying new regimens in my daily routines in order to feel like I'm LIVING. I make smoothies daily, write at least three times a week, and plan activities or places to travel next . Through spiritual guidance, I realized I needed to be in a creative space consistently in order to feel like I'm living wholeheartedly. The ART of living a wholehearted life is enjoying life but letting faith and perseverance guide you to the life you "WANT TO LIVE".


*Special recognition to "The Gifts of Imperfection" by Brene Brown. 



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