The ART of being a College Dropout

August 16, 2017

      In a perfect world, being a college dropout is equated with being a failure. College is an amazing experience where one can learn about their interested field, as well as network with friends or future business partners. However, some people pursue higher learning for the wrong reasons, such as: pleasing parents, higher income, and maintaining scholarship requirements.

     When I dropped out of a master's degree program from George Mason University, I knew I didn't want a degree in Education, I wanted to pursue Creative writing. I was excited that my horrible job (at the time) gave me a free scholarship, so I set aside my career goals to pursue a field that I thought was more attainable. I would spend time at work, visualizing how people would react to me receiving my master's degree.

     After dropping out twice within one year, someone said to me "I am disappointed in you", as if everything I've  done so far has been worthless.Are we forgetting I received my bachelor's degree at age twenty, and became a lead teacher a twenty-one? I began to replay that statement in my head and start comparing myself to others who they gladly celebrated for the smallest accomplishments. I realized because I wasn't living in my purpose, it caused others to analyzed or dictate my career moves. I love writing, but I didn't obligate enough time to show others that this is what I'm passionate about. Being a college dropout does not equate to being a failure nor being successful; it takes faith, effort, and perseverance to be in any career field.

     My first job after school consisted of working at Chipotle. Chipotle was where I learned this thing called "swallowing your pride". People laughed and said they could do better, but  it didn't matter because I had a plan for my life that consisted of me working until I got to my dream job. The ART of being a college dropout is not about the decision that I made, but more about being happy with who I am, what I want, and not "what others want for me".

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