The ART of understanding the differences between style and fashion

April 26, 2017

    When I created this blog, I wanted to make a clear statement that the Richgurl Poorgurl brand promotes my challenges in life and style rather than highlighting beauty and fashion. Yes, I wear makeup. No, I do not follow the latest trends in the fashion industry. No, I do not care if I wear boots for all four seasons. Yes, I  like to get my hair in jumbo senegalese twist, and it has rarely changed in three years. However, the beauty of it all is that I like my...., no I love my style and I own it!

      Style is not about changing or conforming yourself  to society's standard of "what looks good"; its about knowing who you are,and using that belief to create various looks. You have to be your own "hype man". I wish I knew that when I was younger.  My junior year in high school, I went to H&M and bought this black sequence vest. I remember thinking  " This is unique, I can add a pop to my uniform." (It was more of the professional black and white attire because I was in a Business and Finance Program.) Nevertheless, I remember how i felt when buying it. A girl in my class giggled with a group of friends and stated "What do she have on? Is that sequins?" I remembered them discussing the tragedy" I call style for thirty minutes, or at least it felt like it. In that moment I realized that I had a unique style and if I was going to continue to buy things I liked, I would risked getting talked about maliciously. 

       Society makes a statement that everyone must wear labels and look similar in order to be socially acceptable. Of course its people I'm inspired by, but the key to having your own style is to stay true to your look.  Style became a topic, when I overheard someone say how horrible a person looked. I glanced at the person passing judgement and realize she wasn't exactly a fashion expert. I must admit I've been in conversations with friends stating the obvious about a person's appearance, but only because I felt attack, but I digress. I guess the statement "hurt people, hurt people" applies to me in various situations.

     I struggle with the notion that "every woman should be fashionable". And if your not fashion forward, your considered less feminine or unique. What is considered fashion? Fashion is a trend. Therefore, one may not fit this standard. However, everyone has style, and is up to you to choose how you want to highlight that to the world. Yves Saint Laurent elegantly stated that Fashions fade, style is eternal, which means being yourself and looking like yourself is always "in season".


 TIP: Sales racks and vintage shops are your friend. You can always find something that can be a unique piece in your closet. The question asked is rarely how much something costs? It's normally, where did you get that?



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