ChelseaD is a children's author and blogger who resides in Washington, DC.


Raised by a single-mother, she often struggled with self-doubt, which led her into the field of creative writing.


"Writing was a way to escape the harsh realities of dealing with situations that I couldn't controlled and suppressing the feeling of being powerless." Feeling like you're the only one struggling in life physically, financially, emotionally  can be a burden. 


Therefore, Richgurl Poorgurl seeks to empower those "self- doubters and loners" and validate the need for  "self acceptance, progression, faith and creativity." The brand Richgurl Poorgurl is a life and style blog based on ChelseaD's experiences. 


Richgurl is the persona were she's gained riches in knowledge from past and present experience.



Poorgurl is the lackluster persona, were she struggles with her identity and confronting issues of shame, failure and anxiety.